Shih Tzu

Growth Size

The Shih-Tzu grows to a height of 25 – 35cm, and a weight of up to 10kg.


10 – 16 years.


Shih-Tzus are a very loving breed that enjoy being around people and getting their nose in on the action. Shih-Tzus are happy to dwell indoors, but also enjoy walks with their owners.

Training Difficulty

Shih-Tzus are obedient by nature and quick to learn. Social skills are a major asset of the breed. Training will maintain this and increase their ability to understand commands.

Recommended Owners

Shih-Tzus make loving companions to all types of owners.


Shih-Tzus are said to have originated in China around 800BC. The name comes from the Chinese word for 'Lion Dog'. They were a favoured pet among Chinese royals, and were so prized that they weren't sold or traded until the 1930s when a pair was brought to England.


Half a cup to one cup of food per day for adult dogs, split into two meals. Half this amount can be substituted for wet food if desired.

Please note! The dietary guidelines specified above are only a guide and feeding may vary based on your pet's size, activity level, and metabolism.


Shih-Tzus enjoy being groomed and it is recommended this be done weekly to prevent their coat from matting. Their long coat also gives owners the option of taking their pet to a professional groomer once every few months for a re-style and pampering bath.


In England, the Shih Tzu is sometimes referred to as the Chrysanthemum Dog. This is a reference to how the breed's hair grows in a similar fashion to the petals of the flower.