Growth Size

Rottweilers grow to a height of 60 – 69cm, and a weight of 40 – 52kg.


9 – 10 years.


Rottweiler’s have a calm, even temperament and will only become aggressive if they are protecting their loved ones or are not handled properly. Rottweiler’s are highly intelligent, loving dogs and are happiest when socialising with family members. They make great playmates for children and love to retrieve balls!

Training Difficulty

Rottweilers need owners that can handle their size and should be trained from a young age to prevent them from becoming aggressive or overwhelming. With proper handling a Rottweiler makes a very loyal, affectionate pet.

Recommended Owners

An intelligent, educated owner who is capable of being assertive, and effectively communicating with their pet is recommended for this breed. Because of the Rottweiler's size, training must start early, otherwise they can be impossible to handle.


Descended from the Italian Mastiff, a breed instrumental in the Roman invasion of Europe. These dogs bred with local dogs, essentially sewing the seeds for the Rottweiler we know today. Breeders in the German town of Rottweiler created the breed standards, hence the dog's name.


Four to eight cups of high quality dry food per day for adult dogs, split across two meals. Half this amount can be substituted for wet food if desired.

Please note! The dietary guidelines specified above are only a guide and feeding may vary based on your pet's size, activity level, and metabolism.


The Rottweiler’s short coat only needs a brush, with a firm bristle-brush, once a week. It is recommended to bathe your Rottweiler as required as washing them too often will strip the natural oils from their coat.


The Rottweiler would have gone extinct in the 1800s if not for the enthusiastic efforts of breeders in Stuttgart, Germany.