Growth Size

Pomeranians grow to a height of 15 – 20cm, and a weight of 2 – 5kg.


12 – 16 years.


Pomeranians are happy and alert dogs that want to know what’s happening at all times. They are protective and loyal to their owners, which makes them great watchdogs. Also known to be a ‘lap dog’, Pomeranians make excellent companions. Pomeranians prefer to be kept inside the house, but do enjoy walks and getting out and about with their owner. When they are socialising with other dogs, their owners need to be aware of their protective nature.

Training Difficulty

Training is recommended for this breed to ensure they don’t develop undesirable behaviour. Training will ensure that the dog is able to understand its owners’ commands, socialise with other dogs, and make clear decisions about when it is appropriate for them to give into their guard dog instincts.

Recommended Owners

Not recommended for families with younger children, as these dogs are fragile and can be easily injured.


Queen Victoria is responsible for creating the Pomeranian we know today. These dogs used to be much larger (about 5 times the size) but the queen insisted on importing and breeding smaller Pomeranians, in search of the perfect lap dog.


About a cup of dry food a day for adults, spread across two meals.

Please note! The dietary guidelines specified above are only a guide and feeding may vary based on your pet's size, activity level, and metabolism.


Regular grooming is required to rid Pomeranians of knots and to control their shedding.


Renaissance artist Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel in the company of a Pomeranian. The dog sat on a silk pillow and watched the artist as he worked.