Patterdale Terrier

Growth Size

Patterdale Terriers grow to a height of about 30cm and a weight of 5 – 6kg.


11 – 13 years.


Patterdale Terriers are an intelligent and inquisitive breed. They exude confidence, and also have an energetic and friendly demeanour.

Training Difficulty

Patterdale Terriers respond well to training and commands, as this breed is eager to please their masters and has a willingness to learn. They respond best to a stern and confident, yet gentle, trainer.

Recommended Owners

Recommended for high energy families. This is an active breed and needs regular exercise or it can become destructive.


Bred to catch rats, foxes, badgers, and rabbits, the Patterdale Terrier was only known in a small part of Northern England. The breed made its way to America in the 1970s, but still remains fairly rare outside of England.


Three quarters to one cup of food a day for adult dogs, spread across two meals.

Please note! The dietary guidelines specified above are only a guide and feeding may vary based on your pet's size, activity level, and metabolism.


Minimal grooming is required for this breed. A weekly brushing is enough to remove loose fur.


While still being used today for hunting, Patterdale Terriers have recently started competing in dog sports such as Flyball. This is a sport where the dog runs an obstacle course to a mechanism that releases a tennis ball, which they have to catch and return to their master.