Fox Terrier – Miniature

Growth Size

Mini Fox Terriers grow to a height of 24 – 30cm, and a weight of 3 – 6kg.


10 – 15 years.


Mini Fox terriers are big fun in a small package. These bundles of energy just love heading down to the park for a run around and are always ready to get out on the town for a spot of socialising It’s rare to see Mini Foxies in a bad mood, as they are naturally well tempered. They thrive on attention and they will always be excited to see you.

Training Difficulty

Mini Foxies are very intelligent dogs that are a pleasure to take to training school. They will enjoy both the social and mental stimulation from obedience training. When they are home alone, Foxies are capable of creating their own fun with or without interactive toys.

Recommended Owners

Recommended for active families. These dogs need responsible owners who will pay them plenty of attention, otherwise they could develop behavioural issues.


Bred by crossing standard sized Fox Terriers with toy breeds. The Mini Fox Terrier was developed for hunters who wanted a smaller, speedier do for hunting pests such as rats and rabbits. Although its roots are English, it is very much an Australian dog, and is rarely seen internationally.


One to two cups of dry food spread across two meals during the day. If desired, half the dry food can be swapped with wet food.

Please note! The dietary guidelines specified above are only a guide and feeding may vary based on your pet's size, activity level, and metabolism.


Mini Foxies need to be groomed weekly with a shedding brush. This will prevent their moulting habits from becoming an annoyance.


As this breed is proudly Australian, many Aussie celebrities favour them as pets. Anthony Field from The Wiggles, figure skating champion, Sean Carlow, Dancing With The Stars' Toby Allen, and Ian Thorpe are all Mini Foxie owners.