Diamond Dove

Growth Size

Diamond Doves grow to a length of about 20cm.


12 – 15 years.


Diamond Doves are a bird that needs companionship. They can form strong bonds with humans who raise them from eggs. It can take some effort to tame a Diamond Dove, but once tame, they will happily perch on your finger or shoulder.

Training Difficulty

Somewhat difficult to train. With persistence, results can be achieved using similar methods to training parrots.

Recommended Owners

Recommended for people with room for a large aviary, as this bird requires plenty of space.


Diamond Doves are fairly common birds, native to Australia. They were first imported to the London Zoo in the mid 1800s, where they were first successfully bred. They increased in popularity after other European breeders had success with the birds, and are now a commonly kept aviary bird.


A commercial Finch seed blend, with access to a separate bowl of grit to aid in digestion. They can be treated with foods such as spray millet, crumbled hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese, carrot, and chopped greens.

Please note! The dietary guidelines specified above are only a guide and feeding may vary based on your pet's size, activity level, and metabolism.


Provide a shallow bowl of water (separate to drinking water) for the Diamond Dove to bathe in as it pleases.


These birds are not picky about where they nest. Wild Diamond Doves have been known to nest in urban areas, underneath roofs and in other man-made structures. In captivity, some will even nest in their food bowl if an alternate nesting area is not provided.