Growth Size

Cockatiels can grow to a length of up to 35cm.


15 – 20 years.


Hand-reared Cockatiels make the best pets. They are intelligent and love human companionship. However, they may develop behavioural issues if not given enough attention. This can include loud squawking, and feather plucking.

Training Difficulty

This bird is intelligent enough to pick up a few words or phrases, if repeated often enough. However, they often prefer to mimic whistling and sounds from their environment, such as doorbells.

Recommended Owners

These birds are fairly easy to take care of, and are great for beginners. They are also good for homes that are too small to accommodate larger pets.


The first recorded sighting of the Cockatiel dates back to 1781, during Captain Cook's voyage to Australia. It is suspected that the bird was bred in captivity as early as the 1850s.


A commercial Parrot food supplemented with fresh fruit and vegetables. A cuttlefish bone should also be provided.

Please note! The dietary guidelines specified above are only a guide and feeding may vary based on your pet's size, activity level, and metabolism.


You will need to provide your Cockatiel with the weekly opportunity to bathe. This ensures the feathers are kept clean, and the bird's skin remains free from dander.


Male Cockatiels are better at speech and mimicry than females. This is because they use sound when courting a female in the wild.