Rainbow Lorikeet

Growth Size

Rainbow Lorikeets can grow to a length of about 30cm, and weigh up to 160g.


7 – 9 years.


The rainbow lorikeet is a playful, energetic, and intelligent bird with strikingly coloured feathers. They are excellent mimics and over time may be trained to say a few words. However, they can be noisy if they learn to mimic a particularly annoying sound.

Training Difficulty

Training a Rainbow Lorikeet can be time consuming, but it's not impossible. For best results, it is important to establish a sense of trust beforehand.

Recommended Owners

Recommended for people who are dedicated enough to provide the specialist care this bird requires. Not a pet for beginners.


These birds are native to the north-eastern costal areas of Australia. In the 1960s they were introduced into other areas of Australia, and have since had invasive population explosions. It wasn't until recently that Rainbow Lorikeets started becoming more popular as pets. Advances in aviculture have made it easier to accommodate their specialised diet and cleaning requirements.


These birds are predominantly nectar eaters and will require a specialised diet of commercial Lorikeet food. Fresh fruit and vegetables should also be provided, and if available, native eucalypt flowers.

Please note! The dietary guidelines specified above are only a guide and feeding may vary based on your pet's size, activity level, and metabolism.


Provide a shallow bowl of water (separate to drinking water) for the Lorikeet to bathe in as it pleases.


Due to their liquid diet, these birds can be quite messy, so it is important to keep them in a specifically built aviary that is easy to clean. Ideally, the floor will be concrete, and slope down to a drain to make pressure hosing the enclosure a simple task.