Growth Size

Galahs can grow to a length of 40cm, and weigh up to 330g.


40 – 50 years.


Galahs are very sociable, intelligent, and make good companions. They can display contradictory behaviour though, one moment being gentle and playful, and the next being grouchy and defensive. Galahs can also be quite noisy sometimes.

Training Difficulty

These intelligent birds will pick up things easily. Undesirable behaviour can quickly be stopped with regular training. They can also be taught to talk.

Recommended Owners

Recommended for families or singles who have enough time to give the Galah the attention it requires. Without regular attention, they can become destructive.


The Galah is native to mainland Australia, and was introduced to Tasmania. They have grown in numbers since European settlement brought agricultural developments to the country, as it is convenient to the species to feed off crops.


These birds are not picky eaters. Feed a commercial Parrot food supplemented with fresh fruit and vegetables. They can also be fed on some dry dog food and grubs or mealworms. Galahs are prone to 'fat tumours' so it's important to regulate their fat intake.

Please note! The dietary guidelines specified above are only a guide and feeding may vary based on your pet's size, activity level, and metabolism.


Galahs don't really like bathing, but they should get a spray of mist from a water bottle to remove dust and dander from their feathers.


Galahs have crests they can raise or lower for communication purposes. A raised crest may indicate surprise, excitement, or that they are displaying for a mate. A lowered crest generally means the bird is calm and approachable.