[Pet of the Month] January 2016 – Billy

Billy the Domestic Short Hair Cat, Pet of the Month for January 2016

NAME: Billy
AGES: 1 year
BREED: Domestic Short Hair

What better way to start a new year than with a new Pet of the Month? Our first winner for 2016 is Billy the Domestic Short Hair.

Billy is a rescue cat and retains the original name given to him by the rescue home. Despite most people giving their adopted pets new names, Billy suited him and the name stuck.

The Domestic breed is so varied in appearance, but different coat colours can come with various quirks. For example, Tortoiseshells are almost always female, cats with pure white coats are often deaf, and cats with ginger hair are most often males.

As with the majority of kittens, Billy is full of beans! He loves going outside for walks. Eagerly, he jumps up onto his scratching post stool to have his harness put on before going outside. He is cute and playful, and also incredibly talkative. After he tuckers himself out, he mostly sleeps on his bean bag. However, in the mornings he'll come and curl up on the bed waiting for someone to wake up and let him outside for some more play.

Billy gets along well with the other people in the house, especially if they play with him. He is wary of visitors, even though he likes to watch people go by from the safety of his window. The only other pets in the house are some fish, which Billy pays no attention to.

At the moment he eats Royal Canin Kitten biscuits, but he'll graduate to adult varieties soon. Being a kitten, it's quite understandable that his favourite treat isn't something edible, but the chance to play with his favourite toy – a toy bird on a string!

When we asked Billy's owner, Angelina, for an interesting story about Billy, this is what she had to tell us:

When we saw Billy in the shelter, he was very quiet, while the other kittens were bouncing around he was fast asleep. We selected him anyway because he looked very sweet. After we'd had him home a few days he'd become a dynamo, bouncing off the walls and furniture, and playing with anything he could get his paws in.

When the shelter called to see how we were all getting on, they were surprised at how active he was as he'd always been really quiet while they'd had him.

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