[Pet of the Month] December 2015 – Kookie

Kookie the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Pet of the Month for December 2015

NAME: Kookie
AGES: 2 years
BREED: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This is Kookie. She is a pure bred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who recently turned two years old. As you can see by the seasonally appropriate photo above, she's a fan of dressing up for Christmas.

Kookie is a dog with a deluxe lifestyle, riding around in the passenger seat of a BMW Z4 Roadster. She prefers fine dining with a menu of salmon, cheese, liver, yogurt, carrots, salami, cabana, BBQ and raw chicken. She even insists on an ice-cream in summer. YUMMO! Kookie lives in a beautiful double storey home with a quarter acre yard to run around in. Her only duty is to keep birds off the fruit trees, and she does a fine job of that!

The ultimate outdoors dog, Kookie loves her walks and running into everyone’s front yard. She has yet to master the skill of walking in a straight line. Kookie also loves her tennis ball machine, chasing them around as they pop out, as well as her soccer ball. You might say her soccer skills are even putting her in the running to become the next Maradona! In the summer it's time for trips to the beach, even though she hates the water, preferring the sand instead.

Kookie is a pooch who looooooves company and is not too happy if she's left home alone! However, she is restricted to sleeping in her own room as she is prone to snoring! She even loves cats, but doesn’t quite comprehend that the feeling isn't always mutual when the cat has its back raised and is hissing at her. Much like a cat, she loves to rub herself against the carpet. Although, she isn't allowed on it anymore considering she left a few deposits last time. Whoops! Despite this, Kookie is a good girl and everyone LOVES KOOKIE.

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