[Pet of the Month] November 2015 – Priest

Priest the Siberian Forest Car, Pet of the Month for November 2015

NAME: (Shemiaka) Ninja Priest
AGES: 2 years
BREED: Siberian Forest Cat

Our November Pet of the Month is Priest the Siberian Forest Cat. Selent emailed us about Priest, and this is what she had to say:

Originating from the snowy mountains of Siberia, Siberian cats have three coats of fur, so we have to blow dry him for 40 minutes every time we give him a bath. Oh yes this cat loves showers! He sits through the entire process of shampoo, conditioning, towel dry, and blow dry. His winter fur is gorgeous. He looks like one big furry ball when he moves around, or a little polar bear, with his stubby paws moving mightily across the dinning room (Siberians are built with dense bones). They are also very intelligent and affectionate.

They are the one of the largest domestic cats, second only to the Main Coon. Because their size, they generally don’t reach full maturity by 5 years old. The best part is Siberians are hypoallergenic, I can testify for that.

Priest is his pet name, and Ninja is his registered name, as he is an N litter from the cattery in the peaceful town of Handorf. Perhaps this is where he adopted this calm and tranquil personality. He looked sedated most of the time. He is great around kids, very patient with them, and never plays with claws when we have little human visitors.

Being a Leo cat (horoscopes here), Priest is an attention seeker. He would lie in the middle of the crowd when we are having conversations. He says hello to guests by rolling on his back, exposing his belly. If you don’t give him a good rub to acknowledge his greetings, he will start rolling, with his all fours up wiggling. If this still doesn't attract your attention, he will get up, thump you with his head, roll on his back and start rolling again. At this stage most people would be schmoozed by this little furry ball and start rubbing his belly, showering him with praises, not realising belly rub is totally not what’s supposed to be a normal cat behaviour.

His favourite sleeping spot is on the carpet area right in front of the bathroom door, even we’ve bought him a very fancy cat bed. He just likes the bathroom more. We guess he feels immense entitlement to guard this confined yet heavy traffic area. When you want to close the door behind you, you will often find him stretching right there that you cannot close the door. This cat respects no privacy.

Right now he is on Royal Canin Kitten, but will soon migrate to RC Main Coon once he is 15 months old.

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