[Pet of the Month] October 2015 – Harley

Harley the Galah, Pet of the Month for October 2015

NAMES: Harley
AGES: 1.5 years
BREED: Galah

Our latest Pet of the Month is Harley the Galah. Jessica emailed us about Harley, and this is what she had to say:

This is my Rose breasted cockatoo, or galah, Harley. He is 1.5 years old, and he is my best friend. I had rescued him from a warehouse that was filled with birds that were kept under poor conditions when he was 6 months old. He is very protective of me and his food!

Being his owner, I'm the one that plays with him, talks to him and loves him, creating a very unique bond between him and I. He dislikes people, as he had developed some trust issues towards people and tends to hiss at them if you try to touch him unless I'm there telling him to be nice. But other then that, he is a very joyful cheeky little fella that would try and eat your wooden chairs, destroy his new toys, and overall make a huge mess for me to clean up!

Birds are not like most animals. They won't trust you straight away like a dog does. You have to gain their loyalty. At the start, I had difficulty training him to step up onto my hand, but with time and lots of his favourite treats (sunflower seeds) I managed to get him to stop biting my fingers, and instead lick them to show affection.

Harley the Galah, Pet of the Month for October 2015

The above image is a picture of Harley when I took him outside to play on the grass for the first time. He had not been outside for majority of his life (as he was kept indoors in the warehouse) and he loved it! He even managed to attract two local galahs that live around my neighbourhood to sit on the grass with him and eat together.

The bond between a human and a bird is something that cannot be broken easily. They are easily a very loyal pet and a great companion to have around. I'm glad that I saved Harley from that place and gave him a new happy life.

For more information on Galahs, check out our Galah Information Sheet

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