[Featured Products] Kirby’s Pet Beds

Kirby Pet Beds are for dogs that love to snooze in beautifully styled beds. Cushions and cage mats are available in a range of sizes, colours and deliciously soft fabrics to co-ordinate with the latest home interior styles. With twenty styles of beds to choose from, there's one to suit every dog and coordinate beautifully in any home. Highest quality fabrics and manufacturing ensure the best in comfort and durability. Our Kirby Pet Beds are also washable, making it easier for you to clean up after your young pet if they make mistakes. Otherwise these beds can be washed as often as you like to rid them of any unwanted muddy mess or doggie smells.
kirby bedsToulouse Oval Bed
kirby bedsRouen Oval Bed
kirby bedsTachini Oval Bed
kirby bedsAluna Canvas Sq Bed
kirby bedsStripe Blue Bed
kirby bedsStripe Pink Bed
kirby bedsSemmula Heavy Duty Oval Bed
kirby bedsDelicato Oval Bed
kirby bedsDolgi Super Soft Donut
kirby bedsLuna Squiggles Donut
kirby bedsJericko Oval Bed
kirby bedsSlooshi Oval Bed
kirby bedsHavia Oval Bed
kirby bedsDenim Oval Bed
kirby bedsCamouflage Oval Blue Bed
kirby bedsCamouflage Oval Pink Bed